Why you and Virgin Super are good together

The 2011/12 Financial Year has been a busy time for everyone, and Virgin Money certainly hasn’t been the exception. We’ve been busy working on a fresh new approach, all the while staying true to our core promise of bringing ease and simplicity to you as a member.

It’s all about how you and Virgin Money can be good together for your superannuation savings.

As a Virgin Super member, you’re entitled to say a big fat NO to complexity and unnecessary fees that eat away at your retirement savings. And say YES to keeping it simple and easy to understand.

Plus you can be satisfied that with Virgin Super, you’re continuing to get value from your fund Virgin Super. For the third year running, Virgin Super was awarded a Gold Rating in 2012.

Super Ratings 2012

What else can you get excited about?

Our management fees are 49% lower than the retail super fund average*. Meaning your retirement savings are not being eaten away at by high fees.
management fees graph
We’ll reward you with a discount on your management fees the more you save.
You won’t be charged joining, contribution, withdrawal or exit fees, unlike some other Super funds.

* Based on membership costs for a $50K account balance invested in the funds default or balanced investment option. Information sourced from an external provider SuperRatings Pty Ltd June 2012 and is based on a sample of funds from within the Super industry. Management fees only include investment, administration and membership fees. Figures supplied by SuperRatings Pty Ltd are: E.g. FUND ($50K balance p.a.): Virgin Super ($502), Industry Fund Average ($518), Super Industry Average ($727), Retail Fund Average ($982), AXA Simple Super ($1172), BT Super For Life – Savings ($555), Colonial First State – First Choice Personal Super ($925), OnePathOneAnswer – Personal Super ($1,350), MLCMasterKey Super Fundamentals ($550). Retail funds are defined as Retail Master Trusts. The Trustee has received permission from SuperRatings Pty Ltd to publish this information and does not endorse or accept responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by SuperRatings Pty Ltd. You should not rely on these figures as a complete picture, as the actual fees applied to a person’s account will vary depending on a number of factors such as super fund, fee structure, transactions undertaken, account balance, tax treatment, contribution amount and timings.


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