The run down on 2010/2011

Virgin Money’s out of this world

As part of its birthday celebrations in July 2011 Virgin Money released brand new research that revealed Australians are a nation of dreamers.

While most Australians (70%) dreamt of becoming a grown up in their youth, they now yearn to be children again. What’s more, although a clear majority (72%) of adults thought about what they wanted to be when they were growing up, nearly three-quarters of Aussies admitted that they hadn’t realised their dream due to their life experience (65%), their dreams changing (42%) or not having the financial capacity to make them happen (31%).

So Virgin Money decided to run a competition and make one lucky customer’s childhood dream come true – travel to space!

The promotion is the first of its kind for a financial services provider in Australia and the winner of this fantastic prize will travel to Virgin Galactic’s spaceport in New Mexico where they’ll head off for a trip of a lifetime.


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