Legal Stuff

Virgin Super (your Super Fund):

Virgin Superannuation
ABN 88 436 608 094

Virgin Money (the Promoter):

Virgin Money Financial Services Pty Ltd
ABN 51 113 285 395 AFSL 286869
PO Box R1801, Royal Exchange NSW 1225. 

Virgin Money is a subsidiary of Virgin Money Australia.

Trustee (the Issuer & Trustee):

The Trust Company (Superannuation) Limited
ABN 49 006 421 638 AFSL No 235153
PO Box 361 Collins Street West, VIC 8007
T: (03) 9665 0200 F: (03) 9620 5821


Pillar Administration
ABN 80 976 223 967 AFSL 245591 PO Box 1489
T: 1300 652 770 F: 1300 882 327

Investment Manager:

Macquarie Investment Management Limited ABN 66 002 867 003. Macquarie is the investment manager of underlying funds in which Virgin Super invests.

Your 2011 Annual Report is for the 2010/2011 Financial Year and has been prepared by Virgin Money for the Trustee as Trustee of Virgin Super. Please note your Annual Report doesn’t contain personal financial product advice. It contains general information that doesn’t take account of your objectives, financial situation or needs so before making any decisions you may wish to consult a financial advisor having regard to your personal situation. You should also consider the current Virgin Super Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which can be found on the website

As the promoter of Virgin Super, Virgin Money will directly and through its agents (including the Virgin Super website, provide general advice and arrange for customers to acquire products issued by The Trust Company (Superannuation) Limited in its capacity as Trustee of Virgin Super. Virgin Money provides these services under its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and not as representative of the Trustee. The Trustee does not accept responsibility for the advice and arranging services provided by Virgin Money under its own AFSL.

You should read the current Virgin Super PDS issued by the Trustee for details of product features, investment options, fees and costs before making any decision about Virgin Super. Neither Virgin Money, the Trustee or any related entities guarantee the return of your capital or the performance of Virgin Super or its investment options.