Smart changes in 2009/10

01 Gold Rated Fund

After a comprehensive analysis of over 350 superannuation products covering upwards of $400 billion, Virgin Super was awarded a Gold Rating for 2010 by independent superannuation research company, SuperRatings. The SuperRatings rating system is designed to reflect each fund's "Value for Money". This means with Virgin Super, you can expect:

  • Value from your fund
  • A secure environment
  • Good benefits
  • Suitable and well-priced insurance options.

02 Baby Break – an Australian industry first

It didn't seem fair that when mums go on maternity leave, or dads go on paternity leave – their superannuation contributions may stop, yet super funds usually continue to charge super fees. So it's been decided to do something about this and to suspend management costs charged to mums and dads while on maternity or paternity leave. Called the Virgin Super Baby Break, it's a simple change that helps parents get more from their super come retirement time.

(Refer to the current Virgin Super PDS for what's included in management costs). The Baby Break is subject to conditions. For full terms and conditions go to

03 New administration partner

To continue bringing you a great superannuation experience, the Trustee changed its administration service provider to Pillar Administration in June 2010.

Pillar has been providing superannuation administration solutions for almost 100 years. Today, they manage over 1.8 million member accounts and are recognised as having the knowledge, experience and systems needed to efficiently administer superannuation related products.

Changing administrator is an important process and while Virgin Super's online functionality was unavailable during this time, the good news is that we believe Virgin Super is now bringing you a better online experience.

04 Better online experience

Virgin Money knows that it's easy to get bogged down in processes and information on superannuation. That's why they developed a new "Super explained" section at to help de-jargon superannuation for both individual members and business customers. Plus existing members can now go to the new section "Manage My Super" to find out the 'how-to' of managing their account.


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