What's Virgin about our Super

Like all Virgin companies, Virgin Money is all about giving customers a better deal and a great range of financial products that are easy to understand and sort out - our customers tell us that's why they choose Virgin over anyone else.

Virgin Money is continually looking at ways to help Virgin Super members manage their super more effectively and save money over the long term.

Based on analysis undertaken by Virgin Money with the help of an industry researcher, Virgin Super's management fees are estimated to be 50% less than the retail super fund average. And the more you have in your Virgin Super account, the lower your management fee percentage rate may become. Find out how we've worked this out.

Unlike some other superannuation funds out there, Virgin Super doesn't pay commissions to financial advisors and there are no joining, contribution, withdrawal or exit fees.

No commissions paid to financial advisors
No joining fee
No withdrawal fee
No exit fee

Inside, the year that was.

  1. What's Virgin about our Super
  2. Smart changes in 2009/2010
  3. How to grow a healthy balance
  4. How your super is invested
  5. Important info on investment options
  6. 2009/10 market review
  7. More investment information
  8. Performance to June 2010
  9. Key fund information
  10. Virgin Super's financials